An eccentric idea turned into reality in Paris in 2009 when a group of sumo enthusiasts, brought together by their love for this Japanese sport, decided to create the Paris Sumo club. The beginnings were modest, but passion triumphed over obstacles. The club persisted until finding a place to practice in Paris, capital of France. The first professional grade dohyo mat (the traditional 4,55 m wide circle where the sumo fights take place) was custom made by a French company and the first mawashis (traditional belts used in sumo) were made by one of the three founders from firefighter belts. They are still used today and are important parts of the identity of the club.

Every Sunday, the gymnasium echoes with the training sessions of Paris Sumo. The mawashis are authentic, the dohyo is sturdy, and the practiced sumo more closely resembles the Japanese martial art than the strange dance of the early days. The adventure continues, the skill level rises, and the club's history is written with each training session in the heart of the capital.
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