Naum Bleek, born Dmitrii Iordatii in 1979 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is a multifaceted artist known for his contributions to both poetry and hip-hop. The artist took a firm stance against the invasion of Ukraine by his home country, leading him to seek refuge in France. 

Reem Alnatsheh, is a Palestinian artist born in 1993 living in exile in Paris. Her artistic journey is marked by displacement, resistance, and identity.  Alnatsheh's work, characterized by vivid expressionistic paintings, delves into the interconnections between personal and political struggles, inviting viewers to engage with the world in new and meaningful ways.

Born in 1987 in Moscow, Russia, Daria Burleshina is a versatile artist with a rich and diverse creative portfolio. Her involvement in anti-war demonstrations during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to persecution by Russian authorities. Faced with adversity, Burleshina made the decision to leave her homeland, seeking refuge in France.

Tetiana Proskuriakova, a distinguished ballet dancer, director, and choreographer, was born in 1983 in Dnipro, then part of the USSR and now located in Ukraine. Tragically, the conflict in her homeland forced Proskuriakova to leave Ukraine, marking a profound and challenging chapter in her life. Undeterred by adversity, she embarked on a journey through Europe, taking her artistry to new audiences and adapting to the changing landscapes of her life.

Liudmyla Vatrych, born in 1988 in Kitsman, Ukraine, is a painter with a rich artistic background. She graduated from the Kitsman Art School in 2003 and later from the Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts at the National Academy of Lviv in 2011. In 2016, faced with the escalating conflicts between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian government, Vatrych sought refuge in France.

Born in 1983 in Moscow, Sergei Prokofiev is a multidisciplinary artist whose work stands as a testament to the power of resistance. Art, for Prokofiev, is not just a canvas; it's a form of self-sustaining rebellion against both the external world and his own inner struggles. His unwavering stance against Russia's military invasion of Ukraine in 2022 forced him into artistic exile. He lives and works in Paris.

Born in 1984 in Gaza, Palestine, May Murad is a talented painter and drawer whose artistic journey led her to France in 2019, where she embarked on an art residency at Cité Internationale des Arts. Over the years, she has become a distinguished resident artist of Fondation Dufraine and the ESAAA, securing the ADAGP grant along the way. Her academic pursuits led her to complete degrees at both Al-Aqsa and Sorbonne Nouvelle Universities.

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