1. I participated at B&W Athens Photography 2024 International Exhibition 😍

    2024-03-07 09:49:30 UTC
    In Memoriam Elliott Erwitt 🖤

  2. New publication in La Croix L’Hebdo magazine 🥳

    2024-03-04 14:31:12 UTC
    Tearsheet Another pic that didn’t make it into the magazine

  3. Portrait of Napoleon 🤓

    2024-02-23 14:22:00 UTC
    Hey, guess what! Over the weekend, I got a chance to create a portrait of Napoleon. 🤓 It was quite an experience for me as I got to witness the reenactment of the battle of Montereau. If you want to check out some more pictures, head over to Hans Lucas…

  4. I joined the Hans Lucas agency!

    2024-02-22 08:01:01 UTC
    I’m happy to announce that I joined the Hans Lucas Agency - I’m thrilled to contribute to the diverse portfolio of this collaborative platform! J’ai le plaisir d’annoncer que j’ai rejoint l’Agence Hans Lucas - Je suis ravie de contribuer au portfolio diversifié de cette plateforme collaborative !

  5. Réel 2

    2024-02-21 14:05:22 UTC
    I would like to start my new throwback blog with reminding you guys that the second edition of my photographic diary, Réel 2 is disponible online and even printed out. If you are interested in grabbing one, please let me know. 🫶 Je voudrais commencer mon nouveau blog rétro en…

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